Thursday, November 13, 2008


My heart... WORSHIP.... here's how the beginning of my day started:
Today I got a phone call from one of my favorite friends and just knowing she was going to be where I was meant so much to me. As I walked into school today I could hear one of my other close friends leading worship. 
You want to know what moves me as a worship leader? When I see someone that I know laying their heart out on the table to worship God and to take others with him. That is truly beautiful. I'm so moved by that. That's what moves my heart to worship. Worship should never be a chore. If you feel worship is a chore, you obviously haven't had a real heart to heart encounter with your Creator, with your Father. 
Being a worship leader and being able to partake in a worship service when you're not leading is refreshing, especially when you know the leaders up there truly get it. When you see people that TRULY GRASP what worship is about. I didn't feel like I had to stand and jump around. I didn't feel like I had to lay down and weep. I simply sat in the back of the room and worshipped God. I sat back and let God overwhelm me with His beautiful presence.... So beautiful. :-)
Awww... I love stepping back and seeing what God has for His people... 

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